Carbon Calculation

One Click LCA

Download API definition:

GET https://sampleHostName/insights/carbon-calculation/oneclicklca/jobs/{jobId}

Queries One Click LCA job status.

One Click LCA

One Click LCA is a third-party construction LCA and EPD software company. Bentley's iTwin platform integration with One Click LCA allows you to take Quantity Takeoff Reports created using the iTwin Reporting platform and export them to One Click LCA for convenient Life Cycle Analysis for both infrastructure projects and buildings. The iTwin platform enables the incorporation of engineering data created by various design tools. A summary of the design data is exported through this integration, allowing you to gain insights into the environmental impacts of your infrastructure project.

For guidance on creating a report, see iTwin Reporting Platform documentation.

An account with One Click LCA is required to use this integration. User accounts are created at One Click LCA. For guidance on One Click LCA, please contact One Click LCA support:

Bentley is not responsible or liable for third-party resources' content, products, services, or practices and does not make any representations regarding their quality, availability or accuracy. Access and use of One Click LCA resources are subject to the terms and conditions set forth by One Click LCA.


Requires Authorization header with valid Bearer token for scope insights:read.

For more documentation on authorization and how to get access token visit OAUTH2 Authorization page.


User must have carbon_calculate permission(s) assigned at the Project level.

Alternatively the user should be an Organization Administrator for the Organization that owns a given Project.

An Organization Administrator must have at least one of the following roles assigned in User Management: Account Administrator, Co-Administrator, or CONNECT Services Administrator. For more information about User Management please visit our Bentley Communities Licensing, Cloud, and Web Services wiki page.