Viewer Features

Camera Path
Animates the camera along a path using setEyePoint. Also shows a tool to control the look direction using setupViewFromFrustum.
How to apply a classifier to a realitymodel. Also demonstrates how to adjust the display of classifier, in this case a spatial classifier
Display Styles
Emphasize Elements
How to emphasize, hide, isolate, and override the color of elements using the EmphasizeElements API.
Exploded View
Heatmap Decorator
Uses a Decorator to show a heatmap as a WorldOverlay on top of the viewport.
Image Export
Exports visible viewport of iModel as PNG image. ImageExport
IoT Alerts
How to simulate out-of-bound condition from a sensor and trigger IotAlert, blinking effect
Marker Pins
Uses a Decorator and a MarkerSet to display markers that indicate important locations in a model.
Multiple Viewports
Particle Effect (Fire)
Creates an fire effect using particles Decorator.
Particle Effect (Snow & Rain)
Property Formatting
Uses the Presentation API to display element properties.
Screen-space Effects
Serialize View
How to serialize, deserialize and load a viewstate from JSON.
Shadow Study
Sample showing how to adjust the solar lighting by using setSunTime.
Swiping Comparison
Compare models and reality data using a clip and a TileGraphicsProvider in a single viewport.
Thematic Display
Renders using thematic display by changing the styles.
Tooltip Customize
Shows customized element tooltips by supplying a ToolAdmin that overrides the getToolTip method.
View Clipping
How to add a ClipVolume, ClipPlane, and ViewClipDecorationProvider to a view to clip the geometry
Volume Query
Query SpatialElements using SpatialQueries. Elements are classified using getGeometryContainment. To color and represent elements EmphasizeElements and PresentationLabelsProvider are being used.
Zoom to Elements
Uses zoomToElement, ZoomToOptions, and ViewChangeOptions to center the view on element(s) of interest.

UI Components

UI Trees

Geometry Samples