All prices are in USD

90-day Trial


Learn about the iTwin Platform at your own pace.

Access all iTwin Platform services

Includes 1 GB of cloud data and 50GB of reality data storage **

Community Support


Credits / Month

Perfect for those building their first application and introducing it to market.

Access all iTwin Platform services

Includes 250 GB of cloud data and 50GB of reality data storage **

Community Support

Invoiced Monthly

$1.10 per credit


Credits / Month

As your business grows, the iTwin Platform scales with you. Use more, pay less.

Access all iTwin Platform services

Includes 1 TB of cloud data and 50GB of reality data storage **

Premium Support

Invoiced Monthly

$1.05 per credit



Build a plan customized for your design and commercial needs with flexible invoicing.

Access all iTwin Platform services

Storage based on your needs

Enterprise Support

Flexible Invoicing Terms

Pricing negotiable

*For non-commercial use only. Use your Trial to explore tutorials and learn more about the iTwin Platform.**The Reality Modeling service is available in Enterprise subscriptions only. The service allows Trial access for all other tiers and is limited to one job at a time and limitations on the amount of data processed may apply.

Using credits

Why iTwin Platform credits?

iTwin Platform credits provide you with the flexibility to start your project small and grow it along with your business. Credits allow you to pay for the usage of any iTwin Platform service removing the overhead of setting up separate subscriptions for each service.

Frequently asked questions

When do I need a paid subscription?
You need a paid subscription when your 90-day trial period has expired or when you have an application you want to use in production.

How many apps and end users can I have?
There is no limit to the number of applications you can register or the number of end users for your applications.

Does my iTwin Platform subscription auto-renew?
Yes, the subscription will automatically renew based on your invoicing period. Please see your subscription agreement for details on cancelling your subscription.

What happens if I exceed my monthly credit allocation?
Not to worry, you will still be able to access the iTwin Platform services even if you exceed your monthly credit allocation (and you won't get a surprise bill in the mail for the additional usage). We will contact you to discuss future usage and ensure you have a subscription that is aligned with your evolving needs.

What happens if I do not use all the iTwin Platform credits in my monthly subscription?
The iTwin Platform credits do not roll over at this time and any unused credits will no longer be available. If you have a balance left at the end of each month, we can work with you to find a subscription that better suits your needs.

What does premium / enterprise support mean?
Premium and enterprise support are provided to help you scale your business. Premium support includes access to our Developer Success team who can assist with design sessions and architectural reviews to help you optimize your use of the iTwin Platform. Enterprise support adds to premium support and includes a dedicated Development Success Manager and hackathons.

Can I use iTwin Platform credits to pay for other Bentley software and services?
No, not at this time.

What happens if I use a partial credit?
At the end of each invoicing period, your total iTwin Platform credit usage (for all applications registered under your subscription) will be totaled and rounded up to a whole credit. In the case that you have a total that includes a partial credit (for example 1,983.45 credits) we will round up to the nearest credit (for example 1,984 credits).

How is file storage consumption calculated?
Consumption of file storage for the Storage and Reality Management APIs is based on the peak usage for the month. Your consumption value may not be reflected accurately when running reports for a partial month.