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GET https://sampleHostName/issues/workflows/{type}?projectId

Retrieves the workflow for the given issue type in the given project. The project must be specified using the 'projectId' query string parameter.

It is possible for users of a project to choose not to set a workflow for a given type. In that case, requests to get the workflow of that type will return a 404 Not Found response where the 'code' property of the body's 'error' object is set to "WorkflowNotFound". This does not indicate client error. Other HTTP status codes, or other values of the 'code' property, do indicate an unexpected error of some sort.

Note that workflows cannot be customized through this API; they can only be added, deleted, or changed manually by project administrators through the Bentley Form Manager webapp, found at (replace yourprojectid with your actual project ID).


Requires Authorization header with valid Bearer token for scope issues:read.

For more documentation on authorization and how to get access token visit OAUTH2 Authorization page.