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GET https://sampleHostName/issues/{id}/comments

Retrieves the text and metadata for all comments that have been posted to the given issue. If the Prefer header was specified with the value "return=representation", the response will include the email address of each comment author, though this may incur additional processing time. If there is an extraordinarily large number of comments, only 50 distinct user email addresses will be retrieved and shown. Regardless of the Prefer header value, the "_links" object associated with each comment will provide a link to additional information about the comment author.


To use this endpoint, the user is required to have the ProjectWise Forms View (Forms_ViewAccess) permission for the project, or for the issue's associated definition if form definition security is specified. (Having any other ProjectWise Forms permission automatically grants the View permission as well.)


Requires Authorization header with valid Bearer token for scope issues:read.

For more documentation on authorization and how to get access token visit OAUTH2 Authorization page.