API release lifecycle

API versions

All APIs are versioned and the version number is embedded in the Accept header. Sample request:

GET https://api.bentley.com/users/me HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer JWT_TOKEN
Accept: application/vnd.bentley.itwin-platform.v1+json

We are continually improving our APIs. The API version number will be incremented when we introduce a breaking change that is not backwards compatible. The following are examples of changes that are not backward compatible:

  • Changing the URI of the resource
  • Changing the method used to access a resource
  • Adding new required request parameters
  • Changing a field name or deleting a field from the response

The following changes are backward compatible:

  • Adding new API endpoints
  • Adding new optional request parameters
  • Adding new fields to the response

API release status

API product releases have a well-defined lifecycle. The release status determines the level of support as described below.

API release status
Technology Preview
New functionality is sometimes released early as a technology preview or beta version. Technology Previews are for evaluation only and are not intended for production work.
Limited Support
General Availability
An active commercial release for production work.
Full Support
When a new API version has been released the previous version will be deprecated. Deprecated API versions will remain active in production for six months and developers should move to the new API version during that time period. New applications cannot use deprecated APIs. After six months a deprecated API version will move to End of Support.
Limited Support
End of Support
An API version that has been decommissioned and is no longer available in production.
Support Discontinued

Support services

Full Support

  • Bentley technical support
  • Community support
  • Regular maintenance updates
  • Regular enhancements with new functionality
  • Security updates

Limited Support

  • Community support
  • Maintenance updates at Bentley's discretion
  • No enhancements or new functionality

Support Discontinued

  • Upgrade to the latest API version