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PUT https://sampleHostName/library/components/{componentId}/weblinks/{webLinkId}

Updates a component webLink in user's organization context.


To update a webLink, request body must contain all the properties desired for the webLink since this will replace existing webLink with current webLink definition. DisplayName and uri are required properties.


Requires Authorization header with valid Bearer token for scope library:modify.

For more documentation on authorization and how to get access token visit OAUTH2 Authorization page.


User must be an Organization Administrator for the Organization or have Write permission assigned at the organization level.

An Organization Administrator must have at least one of the following roles assigned in User Management: Account Administrator, Co-Administrator, or CONNECT Services Administrator. For more information about User Management please visit our Bentley Communities Licensing, Cloud, and Web Services wiki page.

Rate limits

All iTwin Platform API operations have a rate limit. For more documentation on that visit Rate limits and quotas page.