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POST https://sampleHostName/library/components/{componentId}/documents

Creates a component document in user's organization context.


To create a component document, displayName extension and purpose are required properties.

Document purpose values are: -Design -Thumbnail -Reference -GalleryImage -TypeCatalog

Uploading Associated File

To complete the process, associated file should be uploaded to fileUrl (property in response) and a subsequent update document request should be made by setting 'available' property to true.

Associated Documents

Document with purpose Thumbnail, GalleryImage and TypeCatalog can have associated design document, this should be a valid Id of existing design document. PreviousVersionId is only valid for Design documents and requires a valid Id of an existing design document, in case a design document needs up-version. In case there are multiple versions of the design document, only one design document and it's corresponding thumbnail can be active.


Requires Authorization header with valid Bearer token for scope library:modify.

For more documentation on authorization and how to get access token visit OAUTH2 Authorization page.


User must be an Organization Administrator for the Organization or have Write permission assigned at the organization level.

An Organization Administrator must have at least one of the following roles assigned in User Management: Account Administrator, Co-Administrator, or CONNECT Services Administrator. For more information about User Management please visit our Bentley Communities Licensing, Cloud, and Web Services wiki page.

Rate limits

All iTwin Platform API operations have a rate limit. For more documentation on that visit Rate limits and quotas page.