Reality Modeling
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Reality Modeling API

The Reality Modeling API provides the ability to turn images and point clouds into reality meshes, orthophotos and other by-products.

Reality Modeling is articulated around workspaces and jobs. A Reality Modeling workspace is a way to regroup similar jobs, and create gateways between jobs. A Reality Modeling job is a job using basic reality data inputs (Images, point clouds) to create specified outputs (meshes, orthophotos, point clouds, orientations). Note that in order to use Reality Modeling, you need to already know about Reality Management API (also known as ProjectWise ContextShare) in order to upload and download data.

On job completion, Reality Modeling emits a realityModeling.jobCompleted.v1 iTwin event. Using the Webhooks API, you can create a webhook that will be triggered by this event. On completion of a job, the endpoint specified in the webhook will be called into.