Synchronization & Exports

Transform engineering data from native design formats to web-viewable iTwins.

Key features

    Synchronize engineering data and changes from its native format to an iModel

    Transform and filter iModels

    Set up a connection that makes team collaboration quick and convenient

    Export data from iModels to the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format

Bring engineering data from various formats to an iTwin

Aggregate and align data from different formats in an iModel. Process data with the iTwin Connectors in the cloud. Track differences between synchronizations and keep the data up to date as new changes come in maintaining a change ledger.

Bring engineering data from various formats to an iTwin

Transform iModels

Transform a source iModel into a destination iModel with user defined logic. Solve data alignment challenges, content distribution restrictions, geometry simplification, and export use cases.

Transform iModels

Export data from iModels [coming soon]

Export data from your iModel to Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for use in other applications. When exporting to IFC, you have different options in what format you can use. Currently available formats include IFC 4.3 RC1, IFC 2x3 and IFC2x3 CV 2.0.

Export data from iModels