Reporting & Insights

Build custom dashboards and integrate iTwin data with other business applications.

Key capabilities

    Generate reports from multiple data streams

    Group and map digital twin data

    Easily connect to Business Intelligence products using the OData endpoint

    Leverage out-of-the-box machine learning models for 3D object misclassification and smart schematic diagram detection

Generate reports

Create a digital twin based report which can be consumed through business intelligence applications such as Power BI. Generate reports by combining data from multiple data streams in the digital twin.

Generate reports

Gain insights through Machine Learning (ML)

Unlock advanced use cases and meaningful insights for a digital twin. Utilize out of the box ML models such as misclassification detection for 3D design elements and smart schematic diagram detection. Train ML models with organization-specific datasets.

Gain insights through Machine Learning (ML)

Reduce Carbon Footprints

Engage in carbon-conscious design by executing Life Cycle Analysis, estimating Embodied Carbon, and more by leveraging powerful Carbon Calculation integrations with your digital twins.