Reality Capture

Create, manage, analyze and share Reality Data such as Photos, Point Clouds, Meshes.

Key features

    Generate 3D mesh models

    Integrate with CAD and GIS workflows

    Perform automatic aerotriangulation and 3D reconstruction

    Consume imagery from many cameras and sensor types

Automatically produce 3D models from photos

Reality Modeling Service automates the production of 3D models of any size or precision, from photos and/or point clouds without the need for high-end hardware or specialized IT support. It enables faster processing and reconstruction of reality meshes thanks to the support of its unique parallel processing.

Perform automatic aerotriangulation and 3D reconstruction

Fully calibrate all images by automatically identifying the relative position and orientation of each photo. Employ automatic 3D reconstruction, texture mapping, and retexturing of ties and reconstruction constraints to ensure highly accurate models

Generate 3D mesh models

Produce 3D models using a range of traditional CAD formats such as OBJ or FBX, point cloud formats, as well as innovative multiresolution meshes like the Bentley open 3SM or 3MX to ensure your models are accessible in your modeling environment.

Use imagery from a wide variety of cameras and sensors

Use a wide variety of cameras, from your smartphones to the most sophisticated multidirectional land and air-based acquisition systems. Take advantage of each available image or metadata format to create your 3D models.

Employ scalable computing power

Speed production up by leveraging processing clusters that scale up and down automatically based on the workload. Enjoy parallelization up to 20 virtual machines per processing job and an unlimited number of projects running in parallel.