Collaborate with the project team to manage issues, exchanges, and design reviews.

Key features

    Understand changes in an iModel

    Visualize changes between versions

    Create, analyze, and prioritize issues

    Store, manage, and access field data

Understand change

Know what elements have changed and how they were changed between versions of an iModel. Identify changed elements and operations done to them including the type of change and properties effected.

Visualize change

Using a combination of the changed elements API and iTwin Viewer you can visualize added, removed, and modified elements as well as their modified attributes.

Create, track, and resolve issues

Create, analyze, and prioritize issues to quickly communicate what's happening with a project. Assign issues to project team members, track the status, and record the resolution for future reference.

Collect and manage field data

Store, manage, and access field data in the cloud. Collect and submit field data from anywhere to keep project workflows moving. Link field data to related design content to enable faster understanding. Review audit trails to track the history and reduce contract risk.