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Jun 9, 2023


NamedVersionCreatedEvent Property

Removed the versionName property from the NamedVersionCreatedEvent event.

Apr 24, 2023


New ChangesReadyEvent

Added the option to subscribe to ChangesReadyEvent events for iModels. ChangesReadyEvent is triggered when there are new changes to the iModel which are ready to be processed.

Oct 14, 2022


New ChangesetGroupCompletedEvent

Added the option to subscribe to ChangesetGroupCompletedEvent events for iModels. ChangesetGroupCompletedEvent is triggered when a changeset group is closed with state "Completed".

Oct 12, 2021


Initial technology preview release of the API.


Callback URL validation

Added callback URL validation for all new webhooks. Webhook will not be activated until the ownership of the callback is validated.

Added new API operation for manual callback URL validation.

Schema changes

  • Added new webhook property isValidated in webhook collection response.
  • Added new properties isValidated and validationState in webhook details response.
  • Added id property in webhook creation response.

Event names

Event ChangeSetPushedEvent was renamed to ChangesetPushedEvent.