Named Versions

Download API definition:

GET https://sampleHostName/imodels/{id}/namedversions/{namedVersionId}

Retrieves the details of a Named Version.

Every Changeset on the timeline creates a new version of the iModel. However, some points on the timeline can represent important milestones or significant events to be saved. iModelHub provides a way to mark a point on the timeline with a name. These time points are referred to as Named Versions.


Requires Authorization header with valid Bearer token for scope imodels:read.

For more documentation on authorization and how to get access token visit OAUTH2 Authorization page.


User must have imodels_webview permission assigned at the iModel level and at least imodels_webview permission assigned at the Project level. If permissions at the iModel level are not configured, then user must have imodels_webview permission assigned at the Project level.

Alternatively the user should be an Organization Administrator for the Organization that owns a given Project the iModel belongs to.

An Organization Administrator must have at least one of the following roles assigned in User Management: Account Administrator, Co-Administrator, or CONNECT Services Administrator. For more information about User Management please visit our Bentley Communities Licensing, Cloud, and Web Services wiki page.

Rate limits

All iTwin Platform API operations have a rate limit. For more documentation on that visit Rate limits and quotas page.