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Get iModel Changesets


Retrieves a list of Changesets for the iModel specified by the iModel id.

Changesets form a linear timeline of the iModel changes. For more information on creating and retrieving Changesets using iModel.js see working with Changesets.


The Prefer header can be used to specify how much result metadata is desired by the client. The Prefer request header field is used to indicate that particular server behaviors are preferred by the client but are not required for successful completion of the request.

This operation supports "return=representation" and "return=minimal" preferences.

The "return=representation" preference indicates that the client prefers that the server include an entity representing the current state of the resource in the response to a successful request. The "return=minimal" preference indicates that the client wishes the server to return only a minimal response to a successful request. This is the default preference if Prefer header is not specified.


Requires Authorization header with valid Bearer token for scope imodels:read.

For more documentation on authorization and how to get access token visit OAUTH2 Authorization page.


User must have imodels_webview permission assigned at the iModel level and at least imodels_webview permission assigned at the Project level. If permissions at the iModel level are not configured, then user must have imodels_webview permission assigned at the Project level.

Alternatively the user should be an Organization Administrator for the Organization that owns a given Project the iModel belongs to.

An Organization Administrator must have at least one of the following roles assigned in User Management: Account Administrator, Co-Administrator, or CONNECT Services Administrator. For more information about User Management please visit our Bentley Communities Licensing, Cloud, and Web Services wiki page.

Note: download property requires user to have at least imodels_read permission. If user has only imodels_webview permission download will always be null.

Rate limits

All iTwin Platform API operations have a rate limit. For more documentation on that visit Rate limits and quotas page.