iTwin for Unreal

View and interact with your iTwin in Unreal Engine using iTwin Datasmith Exporter.

Bring your iTwin to Unreal

Save time while importing iTwin into Unreal Engine using iTwin Unreal Datasmith Plugin.

Design real-time visualization

Export 3D models (geometry, materials and metadata) from an iTwin and create your visuals and immersive experience with ease.

Visualize 4D scheduling

Quickly and easily export and load SYNCHRO schedules into Unreal and add a time factor to your digital twin visualization.

Control what gets exported

Export data from a saved view or use a query to select specific elements while preserving accuracy.

Get inspired by iTwin use cases

Extend applications powered by iTwin with the Datasmith exporter to get 3D and 4D data to Unreal Engine. Now you can explore your biggest projects in unmatched fidelity and communicate with your stakeholders in ways never before possible. Video courtesy of Soluis.