iTwin for Unity

View and interact with your iTwin in Unity.

Bring your iTwin to Unity

For developers who want to use iTwin with game engines, learn about iTwin.js and different APIs, what they do and how they can be integrated.

Get started with iTwin.js

Use the open-source iTwin.js library's capabilities to extract and stream data from an iTwin and integrate it with your existing pipelines. Watch the webinar to learn more.

Build VR/AR/MR experiences

Reimagine and enhance digital workflows through extended reality (XR) experiences. Make the most of iTwin and the real world by building engaging tools that aid decision-making.

Unlock your data

Hit the ground running with code samples you can learn from. Integrate Issues, Clash Detection and other iTwin platform services into your application.
Connect your iTwin to the Unity game engine to build XR experiences and more.

Success stories

Hatch's AssetXR is an XR application built on the iTwin Platform.

AssetXR - Virtual 3D Model Visualization and Review

AssetXR is an application Hatch built with Infosys to visualize and review an iTwin in a virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) environment.

Watch demo

iTwin APIs and Services leveraged include iTwin.js, Digital Twin Management, and Review.