Register an app

You need to register a new app before using iTwin Platform REST APIs. The registration process involves the following steps.

  1. Specify the app name.

  2. Specify the iTwin Platform APIs that the app will use.

    Each API endpoint requires certain OAuth scopes. When you indicate which APIs the app will call we can identify the required scopes.

  3. Select the application type.

    • Single Page Application (SPA) is an web app that runs in a browser and does not require the page to be reloaded.
    • Web Application is a traditional web app where every change involves a new request for the server to provide an HTML page.
    • Service represents an automated service with no human interaction.
    • Desktop/Mobile is an app that runs on a desktop computer or mobile device.
  4. Register the URIs.

    • Redirect URI specifies where users are redirected after they have chosen whether or not to authenticate your app. It must be over HTTPS unless registered as a localhost.
    • Post logout redirect URI specifies where users can be returned to after logging out. It must be over HTTPS unless registered as a localhost.

    The redirect URIs do not apply for the Service application type.

  5. Please review and acknowledge the Terms of Service.

  6. Click the Save button to complete the registration process.

    You will receive a client id for the app. For Web App and Service application types a client secret will be displayed. Make sure that you copy the client secret and save it. We do not store the client secret and it will not be provided again.

  7. The new app will be displayed in the My Apps page.

    You can view the app details or edit the app if you want to change any properties. If necessary you can also regenerate the client secret for Web App or Service application types.