Synchronization & Exports

Transform engineering data from native design formats to web-viewable iTwins.

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Synchronize work-in-progress with your digital twin

iTwin Synchronizer Client enables you to sync design changes from your desktop design tool with an iTwin in the cloud. Bridges transform engineering data from native design tools into a common schema. Design changes are recorded in a timeline of change providing an audit trail of who changed what when. Team members and project stakeholders can view, validate, and analyze the data stored in the iTwin from any location with a standard web browser. iTwin Synchronizer Client works with design tools from Bentley, as well as Autodesk and others. It also supports IFC file formats.

How it works

Your project administrator registers a project, invites team members, and assigns roles. Team members download iTwin Synchronizer Client and Bridges to their desktop computer. Project models and the timeline of changes are then available for viewing.


Download iTwin Synchronizer Client