Collaborate with the project team to manage issues, exchanges, and design reviews.

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Review APIs

Manage Issues

  • Create, analyze, and prioritize issues to quickly communicate what's happening with a project
  • Track and assign issues and record the resolution for future reference and project learning
  • Quickly resolve issues discovered by project team members by using forms, cloud services, and automated workflows

Manage Forms Data

  • Store, manage, and access field data in the cloud
  • Collect and submit field data from anywhere to keep project workflows moving
  • Link field data to related design content to enable faster understanding
  • Publish data collection forms tailored to your project and organization to speed collection tasks, increase data quality, and ensure consistency
  • Review audit trails to track the history and reduce contract risk

Validate engineering designs

  • Assess the quality and completeness of your iTwin to ensure it meets the requirements of your workflow and reduce the overall risk to its intended purpose
  • Manage design validation rules, tests, and results
  • Check that property values meet the criteria established by the rules
  • Detect collisions and check clearance between geometric elements