Data Management

Access and integrate data from both Bentley and 3rd party repositories.

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Data Management

Manage iModels

  • Enable alignment, accountability and accessibility of infrastructure digital twins
  • Coordinate concurrent access to iModels
  • Track the timeline of engineering changes
  • Identify key milestones with named versions

Manage reality data

  • Securely store large amounts of reality modeling data in the cloud
  • Organize reality data in a project context
  • Support multiple types of data including 3D scalable meshes, point clouds, and photos
  • Show engineering designs in the real-world digital context

Manage files and folders

  • Securely store files in the cloud
  • Organize files in a project context
  • Find documents quickly
  • Collaborate with team members in real time

Manage digital components

  • Securely manage and publish cloud-hosted catalogs of approved digital components
  • Access digital components within your design application
  • Maintain component metadata and associated documents for use throughout the asset lifecycle
  • Report on digital component usage